Product Risk Management

Successfully prepare for product risk related events

The impact of an accidental or intentional/malicious product-risk related event can be devastating if an organisation is not well prepared to respond.  At Control Risks we bring together experience in product risk and crisis management to help you successfully prepare for product-risk related events wherever and whenever they occur.

We evaluate, develop and enhance your capability to manage a product risk incident effectively and efficiently. Our broad range of services ensures that your facilities, processes and practices for identifying, escalating, investigating and managing a product safety issue comply with relevant regulatory standards and industry best practices. We work with organisations to assess their operational and supply chain risk management capabilities, from specific concerns (e.g., recall, cyber, business continuity, compliance) to more holistic evaluations of their governance structures and risk management processes.

Mitigate the risk before a product incident occurs

There is always a risk of a product crisis that may threaten an organisation’s strategic objectives. Our team provides services to make sure your organisation is prepared to mitigate and treat product-related risks for every relevant eventuality.

  • Full or partial plan review and development, including gap analysis of the state of the current programme, evaluation of its alignment with best practice and regulatory standards, and plan development to close any gaps.
  • Audits and assessments that identify areas of improvement measured against industry and regulatory standards.
  • Training programs and workshops that inform, educate and refresh the principles and body of knowledge of the chosen topic.
  • Simulation exercises that test and enhance your plans, processes, systems and readiness to respond to a recall/crisis event, evaluating your team's ability to navigate a recall/crisis incident from notification and escalation, hazard assessment, team strategy development and execution, to incident close out.
  • Crisis communications that position your organisation to communicate a recall/crisis event effectively with your stakeholders and the public.
  • Risk assessments that help reduce liability and assess how effective you are in identifying and managing product, operational and supply chain risks.
  • Corporate and site security covering all elements of security readiness and addressing potential gaps or areas of concern from site-specific to organisation-wide.
  • Political and regulatory risk analysis from our team of geopolitical risk experts, providing expertise on country- and industry-specific risk issues ranging from government policy to the regulatory environment governing trade and export requirements.

Preparation is key and Control Risks works as part of your management team to develop a comprehensive product risk mitigation programme, from development to implementation and training. Read more about our Product Recall response and recovery.

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