Deluxe Secure Accommodation

Helping you to work and live in Iraq - safely

Carman Business Centre

High Risk Managed Services

Carman Business Centre offers highly secure, guarded accommodation and office space within the International Zone in Baghdad.

Visitors are provided with elegant and comfortable accommodation with quality dining, fitness and recreation facilities.

It's our safety-first approach; tapping into unrivalled information and risk analysis, that underpins everything we do. 
It is this philosophy that ensures our clients are safer, better protected, and able to prosper whilst working in a range of high threat, challenging, or remote environments. 

How we can help

  • Deluxe protected residential accommodation with Operational Command Centre
  • Air conditioned en suite rooms
  • Cable TV and Internet WiFi
  • Restaurant with western-style cuisine
  • Gym facilities, swimming pool, and volleyball court
  • Coffee shop, on-site shop, and Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service
  • Meeting and conference rooms

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Our Thinking

Libya: some optimism, but risks remain


Libya: some optimism, but risks remain

Libya has undergone successive rounds of civil conflict and abortive political transitions over the past decade. The most recent conflict over control of Tripoli, which lasted from April 2019 until mid-2020, saw an escalation in the level of violence and the extent of international involvement in Libya’s grinding civil war.