Core+ Hyperion

Your essential risk monitoring platform

Predict, understand and respond to emerging disruptive events with machine speed

Harness the power of predictive analytics technology combined with trusted expert human analysis to quickly identify your people, assets or operations that could be impacted by developing situations and be ready to respond effectively.

Are you using multiple tools and resources to identify and respond to risks and disruptive events?

Would you like to quickly sift through all the information to find out the facts, determine their accuracy and then agree the best plan of action?

Would customised alerts of disruptive events near to your assets make your job easier?

“We have quick access to valuable local insight for anywhere in the world. It really is a powerful business asset.”

Global HR & Security

Predict risks and forecast disruptive events

Monitor risks, evaluate threats and pin-point opportunities.

Real-time monitoring and expert analysis in one place so that you spend less of your time collecting information from multiple sources and more time making decisions that matter.

Analyse risks and events

Incisive analysis and forecasting of geopolitical and security issues.

Trusted human security risk expertise fused with real-time data provides a reliable indicator of the local threat environment. Visualise your assets alongside continuously updated stability assessments for every country, 8,000 regions and 1,200 cities.

Interpret risks and events for your organisation

Identify and forecast emerging events on a local and global scale.

Customised filters and establish geofencing to identify and alert you to disruptive events.  Reinforce this data with valuable information and insights from trusted expert human analysts who provide unrivalled advice and guidance personalised to your organisation*.

* Available via +Experts

Core+ Hyperion